The table below is meant to be a living document. It is meant to be changed and added to over time as you gain more understanding and knowledge of your topic.
It is not something that you are getting a "completion" grade for, rather you will be evaluated at various milestones, through the weekly goals you set and your reflection on those goals.


To design and experience an authentic learning experience based on your own curiosity, creativity and innovation.

Learning Goals:
[What do expect to learn from doing this project
  • Review the first 3:05 of this video.
  • List ten Project Ideas you have come up with
    • continue with the underwater speaker from last year
    • new mason jar speaker
    • an online gallery of canvas art from recycled materials
    • art from recycled and natural materials
    • food art
    • homemade natural cosmetics
    • iPhone case that attaches to a bike
    • PVC clock
    • Altoids solar phone charger
    • homemade phone cases

Choose one idea from above to complete the following:
art from recycled natural materials
  • Complete the Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate activity: (you will need paper, post-it notes, or a concept mapping software such as Inspiration or Mindmeister)
    • Select a topic, concept, or issue from your list for which you want to map your understanding.
      • Generate a list of ideas and initial thoughts that come to mind when you think about this particular topic/issue (this is best done on post-it notes).
      • Sort your ideas according to how central or tangential they are. Place central ideas near the center and more tangential ideas toward the outside of the page.
      • Connect your ideas by drawing connecting lines between ideas that have something in common. Explain and write in a short sentence how the ideas are connected.
      • Elaborate on any of the ideas/thoughts you have written so far by adding new ideas that expand, extend, or add to your initial ideas.
      Continue generating, connecting, and elaborating new ideas until you feel you have a good representation of your understanding.
proposal engage3 lmg2.jpg laurenpvcclock.png
Guiding Questions:
  • Where can we post our art?
  • What kinds of art can we make out of recycled materials?
  • who wants to look at our art?
  • we need canvases
  • we need different materials for each different project
    • crayons
    • paint
    • leaves and flowers as stencils
    • tape
    • push pins and cardboard
    • sharpies
    • bottle caps
    • tiles
Resources: [Keep track of all the sites you visited and what information was gained]
  • How can this project be expanded on by yourself or others?

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