• Write a program to make the robot turn using one wheel
  • Communicate using multiple forms of media (i.e., text, video, audio, pictures)
  • To adhere to a specific job/role, while implementing the ideas of the Teamwork Rubric
  • Manage self-direction and complexity

Materials/ Quality Control Manager - Leora
Project Manager - Don
Communications - Andrew
Programmer - Caroline

Construct 2:


What will happen when only the left motor (C) is set to go forward (use blue font color for answers)?
We predict that it will turn.

Construct 3:

Image of NXT Program

Video of Robot Behavior

Observations (answers in blue please):

  1. What happened when you ran the program?
  2. Which motor spun?
  3. Which direction did each motor spin?
  4. Did the robot's body turn to its right or to its left?
  5. About how many degrees to the robot turn (a full turn being 360ยบ)?
  6. This behavior is called a "swing turn". Around what point is the robot "swinging"?

Review the questions in the "Contemplate" section as a group. Be prepared to discuss as a class.


Image of NXT Program
Video of Robot Behavior

Continue 2:

Point Turn
Image of NXT Program
Video of Robot Behavior

  1. Describe the difference in between the motion of a "swing" turn and a "point" turn.
  2. Describe a situation where:
    1. A swing turn is more useful than a point turn.
    2. A point turn is more useful than a swing turn.


How many other ways can you write a program where the robot behavior is the same result?

Create a table below with three columns. In the first column, post screen shots of the program. In the second column, post video of the robot behavior. In the third, answer the following questions:
  1. What are the strengths and weakness of this program?
  2. How does this program compare to the one created from the Robotics Engineering instructions?
  3. Why might you use this program verses any of the others?

external image c.gif

external image bBL.gif
external image c.gif
external image bBR.gif