The table below is meant to be a living document. It is meant to be changed and added to over time as you gain more understanding and knowledge of your topic.
It is not something that you are getting a "completion" grade for, rather you will be evaluated on your revisions as noted in the "History".


To design and implement an authentic learning experience.

Learning Goals:
Guiding Questions:
  • What are some of the questions that will guide your investigation into this topic?
  • How have your questions changed as you go through your process?
  • May 6-10th - Brainstorm Topics
  • May 13-17th - Visual Thinking and Research
  • May 20-24th - "Copy" - How will you become "fluent in the language of your domain?"
    • I would like to use Diigo to keep a record of the websites you use for your information.
  • May 27-31th - "Transform" - How will you use the foundation of knowledge gained in "Copy" to transform the product/process?
  • June 3-7th - "Combine" - How does your idea connect to other ideas, like pieces of a puzzle, to form a new picture?
  • June 10th/11th - Present to class
Resources: (Link your Diigo bookmarks group here)
  • How can this be built upon?

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