1. You will need to go to your team page and choose “edit”.
  2. Then, type “Rube Device Step-by-Step”
  3. Use the mouse to highlight the title they just typed
  4. Next, instruct them to “link” the text to a new page.
  5. “save” the edited page.
  6. Click the link, which will inform you that the page does not yet exist.
  7. Create the new page from a Template, call “Rube Goldberg Step-by-step”
  8. Follow the directions in the template to complete the page, due at the end of class, NO EXCEPTIONS.

"The assignement requires the students to use pictures. They computer has a built in camera, or students can choose to use their camera in their phone. If any student is using a personal device for anything other than the assignment, please take it and turn it into Mrs. Chinn in the office."

Rube Device Step-by-Step - Mr. Brown