2 Words Changing The World

Identify team members for the world to SEE.

In YOUR OWN WORDS (each team member) What is the BIG idea behind you matter
Maddie- The big idea behind you matter is mostly making someone feel good about them selves every day, and not forgetting that they really do matter.

Aaron- The BIG idea behind you matter is helping people and having good lives.

Ben- The BIG idea behind you matter is saying or doing something to make a person feel good.

How will your team contribute to the "You Matter" campaign here at BCS?
Our team could tell people that they matter and give something little to someone every day for example, smiling at someone can make there day.We will make then feel good about them selves everyday.

Get Feedback. Ask 1 person from 3 different teams to review your ideas and add 2 Stars and 1 Wish.
Chance: I like that you are trying to lift morale and make other kids happy, but when would you do this? I think you might need to make it a little bit more public and you might need to have other people help you.

Articulate tangible goals that relate to the "You Matter" vision, mission, and purpose.

Articulate clear steps to achieve task.- everyday my group will make people feel good about them selves by just smiling at them.
- We will say hi to them everyday
- We would give them a high five or a thumbs up

Divide resources (human, material, skills, strengths) into categories and delegate appropriately among group members.

Establish a timeline. Follow a clearly defined, well planned timeline with time left over for unplanned issues.

Initiate the task: Recognize the need/opportunity; articulate to your audience.

Perform the task: Utilize all of the resources; Follow timeline effectively and efficiently; Perform task through completion; Understand the importance - commitment not compliance.

Evaluate the project: Develop assessment tool based on desired outcomes and utilize data to improve process and /or product.