2 Words Changing The World

Some Pictures of the Poster


Today we made this poster we are planning on puting up on the wall we arnt done yet we are gonna putm hearts on the poster so each persons name will be in a heart

This is a rough draft of the poster that we are going to make to put up in Mr. McCloud's room.
Each student will sign their name in a cutout heart and put it on the poster symbolizing that they
are loved and wanted in the world and that they matter.
Identify team members for the world to SEE.

What is the BIG idea behind you matter?

Bella: To make people realize that they are needed and wanted in the world.
Kenzie: 'You Matter' to me means that all people have a purpose and a job to fuffill with
their own talents and abilities, and they need to be reminded of that every once in a while.
Ian: I think that " You Matter" means that all people are wanted, and have a purpose in the world.
Jack: I think it means for all people to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

How will your team contribute to the "You Matter" campaign here at BCS?
We will make posters and put them around the engage room to tell people that they matter. \
Ian and Jack will give 5-6 teachers posters and will explain to them what the you matter
project is.

Kenzie And Bella's Jobs: (OLD, not doing anymore)

Get Feedback. Ask 1 person from 3 different teams to review your ideas and add 2 Stars and 1 Wish.

Josh: "I think it's cool that you are going to do a bake sale and a monopaly board,
but I think you should describe what you are going to change on the monopoly board."
Matt: " two things that I like is the bake sale and the newspaper article. One thing they should maybe work on is the details on the bumper sticker"
Aliya: "I think a monopoly board woulf be hard to do. "
Articulate tangible goals that relate to the "You Matter" vision, mission, and purpose.
The tangible goals for You Matter could be to tell people that they are enough, and that they matter. It helps get the word out to be nice to people.
Articulate clear steps to achieve task.
1. Make a map of where we put posters.
2. Email 5-6 teachers about coming in there classrooms.
3. Make more posters.
4. Print/cut them
5. Go into classrooms and talk about it.

Divide resources (human, material, skills, strengths) into categories and delegate appropriately among group members.
The resources we already have it school.
Paper, consturction paper, markers.
Establish a timeline. Follow a clearly defined, well planned timeline with time left over for unplanned issues.
First we make a map of where we put posters.
2nd we will email 5-6 teachers about coming in there classrooms.
Third is we can make more posters.
Print/cut them
Go into classrooms and talk about it.

Initiate the task: Recognize the need/opportunity; articulate to your audience.

Perform the task: Utilize all of the resources; Follow timeline effectively and efficiently; Perform task through completion; Understand the importance - commitment not compliance.

Evaluate the project: Develop assessment tool based on desired outcomes and utilize data to improve process and /or product.