What is Make Monday?

  1. A work in PROGRESS...
  2. An opportunity to apply F.L.O.W. , Design Thinking, and Copy, Transform, Combine. (yet to be discussed).
  3. Make Monday is a day set aside for students to explore their curiosity and areas of high interest that "school" doesn't usually allocate time for (re; Google's "20% time").
  4. A chance to further develop a growth mindset & skills while pursuing a interest.
  5. A chance for students to have educational play, tinker, deconstruct (to-reconstruct? to "make" something new?)to try and F.A.I.L. in the pursuit of knowledge acquisition and development.
  6. An opportunity to allow students to learn through doing (PBL,CBL, PrBL, Inquiry)
  7. An adventure on our way to the BCS June 2, 2017 Maker Faire


- form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create
- cause (something) to exist or come about; bring about.

Synonyms - construct, build, assemble, put together, manufacture, produce, fabricate, create, form, fashion, model

Learning Curve: Tower Challenge

Learning Targets:

  • To consider the various viewpoints in a group
  • To connect today's experience of your own
  • To challenge ideas, positions, and assumptions
  • To identify and hold on to key concepts
  • To change attitudes in thinking or action

Learning Curve: Team Sports Design

Learning Targets

  • Students will define an audience, survey them and use the data/feedback in designing
  • Create questions
  • Analyze a sports to see what makes it 1) engaging 2) boring
  • Generate ideas for new sports through combining other sports
  • Create a new sport prototype, and annotated visual of the sport, and revise both
  • Create a set of directions for others