There will not be a formal write up or wiki page as your documentation will be taking another form in class. Your group will complete the worksheet that goes with the tutorial.

Givens: (Will be needed to complete the task in class)

d = 2r
Rear wheel diameter (large wheels, is written on the wheel) = 5.6cm

C = d*pi
(Rear) Wheel circumference = 5.6cm*3.14 = 17.6cm
Wheel circumference = distance traveled when the motor is set to one rotation.

1 Motor rotation = 360ยบ = 17.6cm

A swing turn = one motor runs, the other is stopped ("C" forward, "B" stopped).

A point turn = one motor runs forward, the other runs backward

Team/Personal Evaluation:

Teamwork Rubric

Work Flow Checklist:

*New* This is for use at your groups option. It is meant to help you be sure that you have completed all needed components satisfactorily. It is no longer required.

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Personal Activity Log:
In order to save it, you will need to "save as" and give it a new name. The file name should include your fiirstname, last name initial, and your hour (E1, E2, E3, E5). These will be uploaded to Moodle to an assignement space. YOU WILL NOT BE POSTING THIS ON THE WIKI!
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