Full Speed Ahead - Group Roles:
(No Last Names)

Project Manager - Landry
Programmer - Abby
Materials Manager - Patrick
Communications/Scribe - Jack

Insert the following items into the table:
Program Images
Video of Robot Behavior (Video)
Questions - (Use blue font color to type answers)
Adw1 FSH secreenshot 1.png
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What happened when you ran the program?
It turned in a circle
Which motor functioned?
Motor C
What direction did the motor spin?
Did the motor stop spinning on it’s own?
Is this the desired behavior yet?
No, we wanted it to go forward
Adw1 Screenshot 2.png
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Why is the second motor command needed?
So it goes straight forward
Adw1 FSH screenshot 3.png
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Explain what was needed to fix the issue with the robot gliding, verses stopping?
We had to add a stop command for each motor.
Adw1 FSH screenshot 6.png
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Adw1 FSH screenshot 4.png
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Did your robot perform both actions as expected? If not, what did it do instead?
no, it went further back than it was supposed to.
Adw1 FSH screenshot 5.png
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Why did the Rotation sensor need to be reset?
It allowed it to go to its original position not
Behind it
When do you think this will be needed in future programs? When trying to retrieve something so it brings it back to you not behind you.