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Arduino Guide - Use the "Learn" tab to go through literature from the company that will help understand programming the UNO.

Arduino Project HUB - Community of users and projects that they have created and posted. Typically contest will be posted here as well. Current Contest is to Design a Smart Home gadget of the future that works with Amazons Alexa.

XOD IDE - A visual programing language for microcontrollers which can be used in lieu of the Arduino interface. Nice examples of projects throughout as well as very easy to follow documentation on how to use it.

Ladyada Lessons - Basic intro to microcontrollers and electronics. Shows a Windows interface, for those who roll that way.

Arduino Notebook - From the author: "This notebook serves as a convenient, east to use programming reference for the command structure and basic syntax of the Arduino micro controller"

Arduino Info Wiki - Wiki of a community of users that have developed a list of lessons to learn specifics within the Arduino environment.

Arduino Comic:


TinkerCad (Circuits) - Users 13+ can create an account, >12 will need an access code from the teacher. Once in, choose Circuits from the left navigation.

Circuits IO - Link to using the simulation software that parallels the lessons in the book.


ArduinoCode - 3rd party site that shows how to use Arduino BLE and Appploader app to use a MEGA 2560 with an iPad. Not sure if this works for the UNO R3.

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Arduino How-To Pages


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