Audio Remix Examples

Above: DJ Earworms "Blame it on the Pop, 2009"

  • Make a mental list of all of the artist/songs used.
  • What is the new message in this song?
  • How much of each song was used?
  • How would you envision his process for arranging the songs into a new original work?
  • Research DJ Earworm to discover what types of "tools" he used to create his works.
  • Explain why this is "fair use" under copyright law?

Cage the Elephants "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" - Genre Remix

Original: (for educational comparison purposes. No rights of ownership implied).

Dubstep Remix:

Reggae Remix:

Sweet Brown, Cold Pop Escape (via YouTube) - Newscast to song Remix

Original: (Broadcasted by Channel 4 WKOR)